Haunted House Rules

Violation of these rules will result in immediate removal from the premises. For your protection, and the protection of our performers, plain clothes security personnel are on the premises and in the haunted house. If you are removed from the premises for these or any other reason, there will be no refund of your admission fee.


You will encounter intense sounds, flashing lights, fog machines, dark rooms and actors trying to scare you. 

Monster Bash is an interactive haunted house intended to scare and surprise you. Therefore, in consideration of Monster Bash Inc. allowing you to enter the haunted house, you represent and promise that you voluntarily and expressly agree to release, discharge and hold them, the board, performers, contractors and other patrons harmless from any and all legal liability, property damage or medical liability, AND PERSONALLY ASSUME ALL RISKS from any actions including, but not limited to, negligent acts or strict liability acts.

Monster Bash is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. If you believe you have lost property in the haunted house please leave your contact information with a board member, or the adults that are in attendance in the queue area and at the exit. Please understand that lost personal property may not be retrieved until after closing, but we will make every effort to help you retrieve what was lost!

Prior to entering the haunted house, you will be asked to read and understand these rules and warnings. If you are unwilling to meet these terms, you will not be allowed to enter. Monster Bash does not offer refunds.


No persons or parties associated with this event are responsible for any occurrences that may result from your entrance. Do not enter if you are not wearing appropriate shoes and clothing. Even though we are an indoor attraction, you will be exposed to many different uneven surfaces that may cause you to trip, and sometimes our queue line extends outside of the building where there can be mud. Please be safe with your actions! No running or pushing or roughhousing is permitted. Do not enter if you are pregnant, subject to epileptic seizures, have heart problems etc. Touch nothing and no one will touch you. Also, be aware that you should not touch the walls/wood to avoid splinters.

Smoking, cigarette lighters, and outside alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Intoxicated guests will be removed without a refund at our discretion. We do not advise carrying children through the Haunted House in your arms, though it's understandable if they are scared. Please consider using the "glow stick" option for children to reduce the fright factor. You will be exposed to strobe lights, loud noises, scary / horror scenes, intense visual effects, and theatrical fog that may affect those with or without asthma. Prepare to be scared.  Be courteous to others, and do not cut in line or "hold spots" after paying for your ticket. Be courteous and refrain from using foul language. The Haunts are not recommended for those under the age of 10, but we leave you with the choice to have children under that age take part. Again, consider the "glow-stick" option we provide to reduce the scare level. At any time you may be asked to leave for inappropriate behavior or violations explained above and will not receive a refund.

By purchasing a ticket and entering the haunted attraction/property you agree to all of the above and take full responsibility for ALL of your actions whether intentional or accidental. Monster Bash Inc and any of their affiliates may not be held responsible in any case.