Monster Bash 9: Specter Gulch Media

On this page are the photos, videos, and articles related to Monster Bash 9: Specter Gulch which took place in October 2021. For a description of that Haunt, please see the Specter Gulch summary on our History page!

This is the "Teaser" video for Monster Bash 9: Specter Gulch which was created for us by KIMT-TV. Thanks to KIMT-TV, Monster Bash Haunted Houses have had these fantastic "Teasers" for every Haunted House since our 6th version (Monster Bash VI: Sinister Stronghold)

Experience an old west ghost town at Monster Bash.mp4

KIMT-TV did a nice preview of the Monster Bash 9: Specter Gulch Haunted House on October 20, 2021. We have the video embedded here, but the original KIMT website for the video and report was here: KIMT-TV: Experience and old west ghost town at Monster Bash. Thank you KIMT!

Harmony's Monster Bash returns, supporting Fillmore Central schools - Post Bulletin _ Rochester Minnesota 10-16-2021.pdf

The Rochester Post-Bulletin wrote up a great article about the return of Monster Bash's Haunted House after our Haunt was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This article was published on October 16, 2021, just as Specter Gulch was beginning its run. The version of the article here on our website is a PDF of that online article, which had a web address of:

Thank you, PostBulletin!

Some photos from the Specter Gulch Haunt. We hope to add more soon!