Monster Bash 7: Road Trip Media

More content coming soon! On this page are the photos, videos and other media related to Monster Bash 7: Road Trip which took place in October 2018. For a description of that Haunt, please see the Road Trip summary on our History page!

This is the "Teaser" video for Monster Bash 7: Road Trip which was created for us by KIMT-TV. Thanks to KIMT-TV, Monster Bash Haunted Houses have had these fantastic "Teasers" for every Haunted House since our 6th version (Monster Bash VI: Sinister Stronghold)

MB 7 Entry then the exit.mp4

A relatively brief video was created from some basic captures of the entry, into the ticket area (and we had a pretty full queue at the time!) and to the entrance of Road Trip where one of our local dads was accompanying his daughter through the haunt! You'll see their entrance followed by the exit area when the emerge at the other side! There isn't footage from inside the haunt itself, but there is a cool ending showing a bit of the hearse, which has become a favorite of many of our guests!