Monster Bash 3: CarnEVIL of Fear Media

Harmony haunted house draws hundreds - Post Bulletin _ Rochester Minnesota news, weather, sports - October 28 2014.pdf

On October 28, 2014, the Rochester PostBulletin newspaper published a story about CarnEVIL of Fear which also included a little history about the start of the Haunts and the previous two Haunted Houses that Jay and his "ragtag" crew of community members (called the Monster Bash Committee) and volunteers had organized.

Note the picture that leads off the story. It's one of our favorites and features the Coaty family, who - as owners of the local JEM Theater - have been great supporters of the Haunted House efforts over the years (and see the Slim Chance media page that includes a KTTC-TV produced visit of Amanda Coaty and the JEM!), so its always fun to look back and see them enjoying Haunt from back in 2014!

Just a few pictures from 2014's Monster Bash 3: CarnEVIL of Fear Haunted House. One of the signature "rooms" from CarnEVIL of Fear was the 12-foot tall clown head that served as the entryway to the scares to come. It was the first true entrance that was incorporated into one of our haunted houses, and we would have big and life-sized "signature entryways" for the three haunted houses that followed (a "front door"-type entry for Haunted High and Hotel of Horrors, and then the outside of the castle for Sinister Stronghold). The clown head (and its glowing green eyes) was apparently imposing enough that we had several guests that refused to go through the mouth!

At the time of MB 3, Lane Powell was the Band Director for Fillmore Central Schools, and after the basics of the clown head had been completed, he gave the set-up its first "victim test". From his response in the video, he seemed to think it was very cool!

Lane giving the entry its first test part 2.mp4

A "victim's perspective" video of the CarnEVIL of Fear's clown mouth as it swallows you whole!

Clown mouth first person walk-through from MB 3.mp4