Grants and Improvements

The Monster Bash Inc board of directors wishes to thank the following foundations and organizations for their generous support of our charity in the form of grants. 


In the spring of 2023, a grant from an Anonymous Foundation provided the funds that were needed to replace the posts in the front of the building (which held up the overhang), replace the gray tin above the awning to a new black tin siding (which matched the black tin siding we had installed on the rest of the building back in 2016-2017) and replace the windows (particularly those on the southeast side of the building) that had been deteriorating for many years.

Also in 2023, the plan is to use the rest of the funds from the Preston Area Community Foundation and Harmony Area Community Foundation grants to complete phase 2 of the lighting project to complete the process of having LED lights throughout the building

The Monster Bash Building after the log façade received the fresh coat of gray paint from the 1st SE Bank crew! 

Below is a photo showing the old florescent lighting in the queue room during the Road Trip Haunt in October 2018. The worst part of the flourescent lights was that they hung down a couple of inches below the ceiling, and taller guests would hit their heads on them! Below that is a pic from October 2022 showing the new lighting, which are nearly flat and flush with the ceiling.


First Southeast Bank in Harmony, and Canton, painted the Monster Bash building's front log facade in gray in the summer of 2022. “We knew painting the building has been on their agenda for a while, so we felt this was something we could take off their plate as they prepare for their 10th season next month!”, stated Samantha Koch, Assistant Vice President of Operations for First Southeast Bank. Koch went on to say, "This amazing charity has given back so much to the Fillmore Central arts programs, we wanted to help give back to them. Plus, we love attending the Monster Bash each year! It never disappoints!"

Another 2022 improvement that was made was the first phase of replacing the lighting, primarily in the queue area where old florescent lighting and ballasts were replaced with LED lighting (see the picture showing the old florescent lighting in the queue room during Road Trip, and just below that is a picture from the Slim Chance! year showing the new LED lighting). A number of the old ballasts no longer worked, and they hung down from the ceiling far enough that people were bumping into them, with one of the tube-shaped bulbs getting broken when a taller gentlemen bumped into it with his head! The improvements were done by Morem Electric with grants from the Preston Area Community Foundation as well as the Harmony Area Community Foundation. Those grants will also be used to fund the 2nd phase of the lighting project in 2023


In 2021, we received a $500 Grant from the Mi Energy Cooperative to do some additional improvements for our handicapped accessible bathrooms

The new white tin roof keeps the inside as dry and cozy as a Haunted House can be!


We received the following grants : 

We used the grants to replace the roof (pictured left) which was completed in the spring of 2021. The old roof had sprung quite a few leaks and was definitely in need of repair and new tin. Thanks to those grants, the leaks are gone!

2019 and 2020

We received the following grants : 

These grants were life-savers for the Monster Bash organization. Because we didn't have a Haunt in 2020, we lost out on a lot of the funding we need to "keep the lights on". These grants helped tremendously to pay for our annual expenses.


We received the following grants : 

We used the $10,000 grant money to finance : Electrical work, Safety Exit Signs, Entrance/Exit Concrete ramps and other building improvement projects.

The Mi Energy Grant was used to gut and rebuild the bathrooms so they could be handicap accessible

When Monster Bash first purchased the former Slim's Woodshed, this is what it looked like. There has been a lot of work and updating done since, thanks to the grants and volunteers. Thank you!


We received the following grants : 

We used this money to finance: Electrical work, installing new siding and other building improvement projects.