Monster Bash 8: Night Terrors Media

On this page are the photos, videos, and articles related to Monster Bash 8: Night Terrors which took place in October 2019. For a description of that Haunt, please see the Night Terrors summary on our History page!

This is the "Teaser" video for Monster Bash 8: Night Terrors which was created for us by KIMT-TV. Thanks to KIMT-TV, Monster Bash Haunted Houses have had these fantastic "Teasers" for every Haunted House since our 6th version (Monster Bash VI: Sinister Stronghold)

The PostBulletin came for our media day on October 16, 2019 and took some photos as our students, families and other volunteers prepared for the Night Terrors opening! The original website with these photos can be found at: . The pictures page was a part of an article that the PostBulletin did that year as well, which is a little further below on this page!

Thank you, PostBulletin!

This is the article about Monster Bash by the PostBulletin published on October 17, 2019 that gave a "behind the scenes" preview of the Night Terrors Haunted House theme that year. 

The version here is a PDF version of the article. The original article was at:

Harmony Monster Bash pulls scares straight out of your nightmares - Post Bulletin _ Rochester Minnesota 2019.pdf
Harmony to host Halloween thrill seekers.mkv

KTTC's Jess Abrahamson (a Lanesboro, MN native) interviewed Monster Bash President, Jay Masters, to promote Monster Bash 8: Night Terrors as a part of KTTC's noon news show. The interview was done on Thursday October 10, 2019. A week before Night Terrorsbegan its run.

Note that video from Monster Bash 7: Road Trip is included during the interview. 

Thank you, KTTC!