Monster Bash 4: Haunted High Media

Back Roads_ Harmony Haunted High fundraises for band program (video) - Post Bulletin _ Rochester Minnesota news, weather, sports - October 28 2015.pdf

On October 18, 2015, the PostBulletin visited the Monster Bash Haunted House during preparations of putting on an evening of scares for Monster Bash IV: Haunted High.  We were still doing the Haunts in the Harmony Community Center (the old Harmony Elementary School) at the time, and for the make-up and hairdo work, we were allowed to use one of the old classrooms (which were now offices and meeting spaces) to get the actors ready for the evening. The video that was a part of the article is below!

Note that the article posted here is a PDF version of the original PostBulletin article which was at:

Monster Bash in Harmony.mp4

This is the video that was included in the PostBulletin write-up about Haunted High (see above). 

It's a great video that shows a lot of the prep that goes into any given night of the Haunted Houses!