Monster Bash 11: New Life Cemetery Media

Thank you to KIMT-TV for once again creating our fun+scary promotional video for this year's Haunt! It's the 6th haunt in a row - dating back to 2017 - that they've created a video for us!

Monster Bash Haunted House OPENING SOON! – The Fillmore Central Falconer.pdf

Fillmore Central's online newspaper (The Fillmore Central Falconer at had an article about the 11th Haunted House's opening by student writer Ben Ryan, who also happens to have been a part of several Haunted House efforts over the years with his family! We have a PDF version of the online article here, but it was originally posted on the Falconer's site at this web address:

Ben writes not only about the soon to come New Life Cemetery but also gives some history about the Haunted Houses over the years!

Thank you, Falconer and Thank you, Ben!

KTTC's Midwest Access invited Jay to stop at the studio for an interview that took place on Oct 10, 2023. Midwest Access host Kamie Roesler and Jay talked about New Life Cemetery and its support of Music, Theater and the Arts.

This is the video of the Interview, but the original website location was

Thank you to Kamie and the Midwest Access crew at KTTC-TV!

KTTC Midwest Access Jay Interview 10-25-2023 - Monster Bash 11 New Life Cemetery.mp4

KQ98 Radio's Tony Schultz invited several of the New Life Cemetery actors to be a part of his show, Front Porch Talk, which took place on October 24, 2023 and was titled THE SPOOKS AND SPIRITS FROM MONSTER BASH TALK ABOUT HAUNTING FOR A REASON!

We have a copy of the audio file from that on-air interview here, but it came from KQ98's website at

...and here's a picture of some of the actors that joined KQ98's Tony Schultz for that October interview!

Thank you Tony and KQ98!

Fandazzi Fire - well known to Minnesota Renaissance Festival crowds for nearly 20 years - came to Harmony on October 28th as a part of Haunted Harmony to put on a couple of great shows. The Fillmore Central football team wound up having a big playoff game in Harmony that same afternoon, and the weather was chilly (and we saw our first snowflakes of the year!), which very likely prevented a bigger crowd, but their fire show got raves from everyone who came to watch! We hope to have them back again next year! For What?!? MORE FIRE!  (Thank you Jackie Whitacre for the pics!)

Here is a great collection of pictures from New Life Cemetery from different nights of the haunt. These don't have a particular order, but does show a majority of the actors that did their part to make the adventure our guests took through the Cemetery to discover its ghastly secrets as full of scary fun as possible! The actors - usually made up of students and their families with some other local folks mixed in - along with all our other volunteers have been the primary reason for the success of the Haunted Houses over the years!

You can click through these at your leisure. There are about 20 of them in each of the groups here and below!

In the mix are some group pictures, some additional pictures from the visit to KQ98 and some that were just for fun!

And these are the final group of photos from this year's Haunted House! It was a tremendous amount of fun once again this year!

Thank you to our Board Member and Choir Director Sarah Holten for providing these to share!