About Us

The Monster Bash Haunted House was conceived by Jay "The Scare" Masters as a way for members of the Fillmore Central High School Band and Choir to help fund music trips. Many families had multiple students in the program and the cost of some of the trips could be a lot for families to manage. With the consent of then band director Lane Powell, "Monster Bash" was born.

The first 5 seasons were held in the community center gymnasium and props and costumes were stored in donated storage locations. Near the end of the 5th season we found out we would be losing a major storage site, and at the same time found out that our current location was coming up for sale. At this point a 501(c)3 (Monster Bash Inc) was formed to manage the haunt and funds. This organization purchased the current site with the support of the local Economic Development Authority.

9 months of intensive work ensued to get the building safe and ready to hold a Haunted House.

2017 was our first year in the new location and we had great success. We received a prestigious award from minnesotahauntedhouses.com who awarded us "Best Haunted Attraction" in Minnesota for 2017. From this success we continue to improve the location and received the "Best Haunted Attraction" award again in 2018, 2019 and 2021 while breaking all our previous attendance records!

We continue to solicit donations and grants to improve the building site and acquire additional haunt props for our Haunted House. The building (an old lumber yard) is in need of some significant repairs and improvements. In 2021 we were able to replace our badly leaking roof thanks to the generosity of a number of foundations providing grants. We have some other projects on our future list : Repaint/replace front facade, replace north entry door, electrical work, insulate the entire building starting with the dressing/make-up room, ventilate waiting room.

Since the founding of the charity we have funded Music Trips, the Theatre and Fine Arts departments and hope to eventually provide a scholarship! To date we have donated more than $130,000.00 back to the students and arts at Fillmore Central High School. We (the Monster Bash board of directors) feel that even greater than the money we get to donate back to the school is the experience we, and the participating families, get to have working together. This is one of a very few activities where parents or adults get to work directly with students on the planning, building, decorating and execution of an event. Parents normally do not get to perform athletically, musically or in other activities with their children when it comes to school related activities. With us you get to spend some excellent time together.