Monster Bash X: Slim Chance! Media

On this page are the photos, videos and other media related to Monster Bash X: Slim Chance! which took place in October 2022 and was awarded the Best Haunt award in Minnesota by the website. For a description of the Slim Chance! Haunt, please see the Slim Chance! summary on our History page!

These are selected photos from Slim Chance! The 10th Monster Bash Haunted House that had its scare run in October 2022! The photos are roughly in the order that our guests would have encountered the characters and places within the Haunt. Of course, Slim Chance himself appears quite often, or at least the actors that portrayed him, do!

This is the "Teaser" video for Monster Bash X: Slim Chance! which was created for us by KIMT-TV. Thanks to KIMT-TV, Monster Bash Haunted Houses have had these fantastic "Teasers" for every Haunted House since our 6th version (Monster Bash VI: Sinister Stronghold)

KTTC-TV did an interview with Jay Masters (Monster Bash, Inc's Board President) on October 12, 2022 as a part of their Midwest Access show (hosted by Kamie Roesler) promoting the opening weekend of the Slim Chance! Haunted House! Thank you, Kamie and KTTC!

Monster Bash in Harmony-Jay Masters visits Midwest Access to promote Monster Bash X Slim Chance - Oct 12 2022.mp4
Monster Bash 1, Midwest Access-Haunted Harmony and Monster Bash Part 1 - Oct 18 2022.mp4

On October 18, 2022, the Midwest Access Crew (Kamie Roesler, Nick Jansen and "Mike the Cameraman") went On The Road to visit Harmony, MN and among their highlights was a stop at the Monster Bash Building. This first video is one of four segments that Kamie, Nick and Mike did for the show that day. This first part has an interview with Allison Whalen (the President of the Harmony Chamber of Commerce) who highlighted upcoming events including "Haunted Harmony", along with some discussion with Monster Bash, Inc President Jay Masters. Parts 2, 3 & 4 are below! Note all the Harmony Visit Videos - which included stops at Niagara Cave, Harmony Spirits Distillery, The New Generations of Harmony Antiques Mall and the JEM Theater - can be seen at the Midwest Access: Harmony page on the KTTC website!

Up next is Part 2 of the Midwest Access Visit to Harmony, MN and the Monster Bash Haunted House on Oct 18, 2022, just prior to the start of the second weekend of the Slim Chance! Haunted House. In this segment Nick, Jess and Cameraman Mike interview two of the tremendous actors for Monster Bash: Siri (who was a Jr at the time) and Liz (who was in her senior year). Including Slim Chance!, Siri had acted in four Haunts, and Liz was acting in her 7th! Both come from families that have been tremendous parts of the great Haunted House experiences throughout the years!

Monster Bash 2, Midwest Access-interviewing two of the actors - Oct 18 2023.mp4
Monster Bash 3, Midwest Access a sneak peak at the haunt - Oct 18 2022.mp4

Now we get to Part 3 of the Midwest Access visit to Harmony and the Monster Bash Haunted House on October 18, 2022! In this segment, Nick, Kamie and Camerman Mike get a small sample of what Slim Chance! had to offer for its Haunted experience! We discovered that Nick was a big fan of Haunted Houses, but Kamie...well, we'll just say that she seemed a little nervous! Note that what they got to see wasn't anything close to what actually happened to guests in the two rooms (there were 21 more!) that they got to visit!

We've reached the 4th and final segment of the Midwest Access visit to Harmony, MN. Nick and Kamie stop in at the Jem Theater, and after talking a little more about Monster Bash, they visit Amber Coaty and we get to find out some cool things about the great Jem Theater! The Coaty family has offered tremendous support to the Haunted House over the years, including popping up popcorn to sell as a concession item at our events, and did an outdoor theater fundraiser for Monster Bash during the COVID-19 Pandemic when the Haunted House was shut down for 2020. Thank you Coaty Family! And Thank You Nick, Kamie, Cameraman Mike and the Midwest Access Crew at KTTC for your visit!

Monster Bash 4 with focus on JEM Movie Theater, Midwest Access- Oct 18 2022.mp4
Video from Final Night of Monster Bash X Slim Chance.MP4

After the last of our guests from 2022 departed -  hopefully after being scared and having a memorable experience after being chased by Slim Chance! - we made a video of the Haunt. Our cameraperson probably went through a tad fast, and the camcorder would never provide the experience of actually being in the environment, but our actors still had fun performing one last time! We hope you enjoy it, and remember, next year will be Completely Different as we will once again support Music, Theater and the Arts!

Coming up next is some pictures that show quite a few of the cast and crew that made Slim Chance! so much fun to perform while also giving our guests a good scare! Also in this area is a place where you can - if you were one of our wonderful guests in 2022 - relive some of the audio from that creepy Slim himself as he taunted/chased/toyed with you through the haunt. If you didn't get to experience Slim Chance!, you can get a little feeling for what it was like: just close your eyes, play the audio files and picture yourself in dark and twisted circus-themed rooms...with that creepy voice everywhere! You might not want to open your eyes for fear that Slim will be standing there! 

Monster Bash Haunted House Reviews 2022 Season for Monster Bash X - Slim Chance- Harmony, MN.pdf

And last, but not least, is a collection of our reviews from the 2022 Scare Season that were posted on the website (the link will take you to the Monster Bash page on that website) We are so very thankful for all of our guests that took the time to leave their thoughts!

Our Google page also has reviews (you can visit that here: Monster Bash Google Profile Page)

And you can visit the Minnesota Haunted Houses "Haunt of the Year" awards page here (and we were excited to see that Slim Chance! became our 5th Haunted House to be named their "Best Haunt in Minnesota! All because of our great students, their families and our other community volunteers!)