Monster Bash Haunted Houses

Welcome to the Monster Bash Haunted Houses website! 

(2024 Haunt Dates and Times have been determined and are below! Theme and Logo for Monster Bash Haunted House #12 are coming soon)

Monster Bash is operated by a 501(c)(3) non-profit ("Monster Bash, Inc", see the MB Inc area of our website) staffed entirely by volunteers (including the Board of Directors), whose mission is to support the arts in our local communities as well as in our local school district; including Band, Choir, Theater and the Fine Arts.

Our Haunted Houses are Different Every Year as we produce a completely different, uniquely themed haunt for you to get scared and have some fun. Check out our previous Haunts in the History area of the website to read a little bit about each of those unique haunted houses!

Our 11th Monster Bash Haunted House ("New Life Cemetery") is now "in the books". Thank you to all our students, families, and volunteers that made the Haunt "come alive" this year, and a big thank you to all our guests (over 3000 of you! Wow! A new record for us!) for letting us scare you. We hope you all had some good spooky fun!

A special THANK YOU to Fandazzi Fire for their performances on Saturday, Oct 28th in 2023! We are looking forward to having them back in 2024 during Haunted Harmony! Specifics coming soon!

Our 12th Haunted House is coming soon! Watch out for The Master's Mansion!

2024 : Monster Bash 12: The Master's Mansion

A stranger has moved into the abandoned building down the road that has the town talking in hushed whispers about who he is and what he might be doing behind its closed doors. Around the same time, people begin falling mysteriously ill and others simply vanish without a trace. Many describe encountering an inhuman figure with red eyes! The town becomes wracked with fear. But is all this really because of the stranger? You are asked to become one of the brave to enter the old home to discover the truth, and reveal what horrors exist among the halls, rooms and ruins of the Master's Mansion.

Hours of Operation for October 2024: Note - At close we stop selling tickets. However, anyone who is in line at that time will still be admitted to the attraction. 

Admission Costs: 2023 Admission was
$13 per person (tickets are only available at the door)
Under 5 years free - at this time admission pricing for 2024 had not yet been finalized. Apparel pricing shown below is also from 2023, and the 2024 pricing had not yet been finalized

T-shirts $20, XX&XXXL $22
Crew Sweats $30, XX&XXXL $32
Hoodies $35, XX&XXXL $37

Buy an admission and a Shirt receive a $3 discount.

Payments Accepted: Cash Only!... Credit/Debit cards are NOT currently accepted.
There is an ATM available a couple of blocks from Monster Bash at both the KwikTrip and the 1st SE Bank in Harmony

Reduced Fright: We do provide a less scary option for the haunted house. It eliminates direct scares, but the environment is designed to be scary and as other patrons will be present, there may be bleed over from their groups. Be sure to ask about how that works when you are purchasing your ticket!

Scroll down for a map to The Monster Bash Building!